Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the following eight members:

  • President
  • Secretary General
  • Treasurer
  • Two members elected by the IOC
  • The three representatives of the previous, present and next LOCs.

President, Secretary General, Treasurer, and the two members elected by IOC have a term of four years. They can be re-elected. Terms of office start on November 01, following the election.

Position Name Email
President Martin Plesch
Secretary General Timotheus Hell
Treasurer Ilya Martchenko
Member Samuel Byland
Member Qian Sun
Member (LOC 2017) Yeo Ye
Member (LOC 2016) Olga Inisheva
Member (LOC 2015) Prapun Manyum

Former Executive Committee members (since 2011)

Position Name Email
Member (LOC 2014) John Balcombe
President Alan Allinson
Member Georg Hofferek
Member Li Chuan Yong
Member (LOC 2013) Chih-Ta Chia
Member (LOC 2012) Rudolf Lehn
Member (LOC 2011) Dina Izadi
Member (LOC 2010) Timotheus Hell