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IYPT Report: Video and Slides

This video shows a whole stage of the IYPT 2009 finals. Markus (Team Austria) reports his solution to problem 7 "Skateboarder". We are very thankful to the LOC (Nankai University) for this video!

<mediaplayer width='520' height='410'></mediaplayer>

Here you can download Markus' slides on skateboarding. As they have been converted to pdf, there are no embedded videos.

More IYPT Reports

To give you a good overview of what typical IYPT reports look like, we have collected some for you!

Here is a presentation by Angel on Air Pockets.

And here we have another presentation by Markus, this time for the 2008 IYPT about the Faraday Generator.

In 2007 Kathi presented Crickets.

In 2006 Tim did a report on Heat and Temperature.

In 2005 Christina reported on Noise.

In 2004 Camilla talked about Brazil Nuts.

A 2001 report on Rolling Balls.

In 2000 Georg did a report on Plasma.