Current Tournament


The EC Meeting was held on 28th of November 2021, online via ZOOM. Meeting Minutes can be found here.


IYPT 2022 in Timisoara will be held from 15-16th of July (Arrivals) till 23rd of July (Departures). IOC Meeting will be held after the tournament (IOC Deparatures: 25th July).

Due to the pandemic situation in Timisoara, the EC meeting will be held online in November 2021.


The 35th IYPT will be held in Timișoara, Romania.


On 19-21 September 2021, the JC meeting was held in Switzerland. The Jury Committee discussed the Jury feedback – distribution of the feedback to the Jurors is expected in the coming days. There were also made minor changes in the current version of the scoresheet, which will also be published soon.