IYPT Statutes

Regulations of the IYPT



Position Name Email
Member Qian Sun
Member (LOC 2018) Qi Mi
Member (LOC 2017) Yeo Ye
Member (LOC 2016) Olga Inisheva
Member (LOC 2015) Prapun Manyum
Member (LOC 2014) John Balcombe
President Alan Allinson
Member Georg Hofferek
Member Li Chuan Yong
Member (LOC 2013) Chih-Ta Chia
Member (LOC 2012) Rudolf Lehn
Member (LOC 2011) Dina Izadi
Member (LOC 2010) Timotheus Hell

Rules of Procedure for IOC Meetings

Physics fight guidelines

Previous versions

IYPT & LOC Contracts


Below you can find the minutes of EC and IOC meetings and some additional documents for download.

IOC Meeting hybrid, KutaisiJuly 14, 2021PDF
EC Meeting, TimișoaraNovember 23-24, 2019PDF
IOC Meeting online via ZoomJuly 16, 2020PDF
EC Meeting, Warsaw, PolandNovember 23-25, 2018PDF
IOC Meeting, BeijingJuly 26-27, 2018PDF
EC Meeting, Beijing, ChinaNovember 25-26, 2017PDF
IOC Meeting, SingaporeJuly 12-13, 2017PDFAttachments
EC Meeting, SingaporeNovember 11-13, 2016PDFPDF with AttachmentsContract
IOC Meeting, Ekaterinburg, RussiaJuly 3-4, 2016PDFAttachments
EC Inspection Report, Ekaterinburg, RussiaMay 30-31, 2016PDF
EC Meeting, Ekaterinburg, RussiaNovember 20-22, 2015PDFContract
IOC Meeting, Ayutthaya, ThailandJuly 4-5, 2015PDF
EC Inspection Report, Nakhon Ratchasima, ThailandApril 30th – May 1st, 2015PDF
EC Meeting, Nakhon Ratchasima, ThailandNovember 16-18, 2014PDF
IOC Meeting, Shrewsbury, UKJuly 10-11, 2014PDFAttachments
EC Meeting, Abingdon, UKNovember 22-24, 2013PDF
IOC Meeting, Hualian, TaiwanJuly 31 / August 1, 2013PDFAttachments
EC Meeting, Taipei, TaiwanNovember 10-11, 2012PDF
IOC Meeting, Stuttgart, GermanyJuly 27-28, 2012PDFAttachments
EC Meeting, Bad Saulgau, GermanyOctober 28 – 30, 2011PDF
IOC Meeting, Isfahan, IranJuly 30, 2011PDFAttachments
EC Meeting, Tehran, IranNovember 26-28, 2010PDF
IOC Meeting, Goesing, AustriaJuly 16-17, 2010PDF
EC Meeting, Vienna, AustriaNovember 7, 2009PDF
IOC Meeting, Tianjin, ChinaJuly 28-29, 2009PDF
EC Meeting, Tianjin, ChinaNovember 17-20, 2008PDF
IOC Meeting, Trogir, CroatiaMay 28-29, 2008PDF
IOC Meeting, Trogir, CroatiaMay 22, 2008PDF
EC Meeting, Vienna, AustriaOctober 26-27, 2007PDF
IOC Meeting, Seoul, KoreaJuly 12-13, 2007PDF
IOC Meeting, Seoul, KoreaJuly 6, 2007PDF
EC Meeting, Vienna, AustriaNovember 1-2, 2006PDF
IOC Meeting, Bratislava, SlovakiaJuly 12, 2006PDF
EC Meeting, Bratislava, SlovakiaJuly 10, 2006PDF
EC Meeting, Bratislava, SlovakiaJuly 8, 2006PDF
IOC Meeting, Bratislava, SlovakiaJuly 8, 2006PDF
IOC Meeting, Winterthur, SwitzerlandJuly 21, 2005PDF
IOC Meeting, Winterthur, SwitzerlandJuly 18, 2005PDF
EC Meeting, Winterthur, SwitzerlandJuly 14, 2005PDF
IOC Meeting, Brisbane, AustraliaJuly 1-2, 2004PDF
EC Meeting, Brisbane, AustraliaJune 29, 2004PDF
IOC Meeting, Brisbane, AustraliaJune 25, 2004PDF
IOC Minutes, Modra-Harmonia, SlovakiaOctober 17-18, 2003PDF
IOC Meeting, Uppsala, SwedenJuly 5, 2003PDF
EC Meeting, Uppsala, SwedenJuly 3, 2003PDF
IOC Meeting, Uppsala, SwedenOctober 5, 2002PDF
IOC Meeting, Donaueschingen, GermanyJune 4, 1998PDF
IOC Meeting (*), Moscow, USSRApril 3-5, 1989PDF

(*) The IOC was established as a result of this meeting. A translation can be found in this document on page 91.