Current Tournament


Report from the inspection visit can be found here.


Program for the 35th IYPT 2022 in Timisoara

  • 15. July – Arrival day
  • 16. July – Arrival day, Jury Training (16:00)
  • 17. July – Opening Ceremony, PF1
  • 18. July – PF2, Excursion 1
  • 19. July – PF3, PF4
  • 20. July – Excursion 2
  • 21. July – PF5, Excursion 3
  • 22. July – Finals, Closing Ceremony
  • 23. July – Departure day, IOC Meeting (day 1)
  • 24. July – IOC Meeting (day 2)
  • 25. July – Departure of the IOC Members


The arrival days for the IYPT 2022 in Timisoara are the 15th and 16th of July.
Please note, that jurors and team leader jurors must already be on the spot by the time the jury meeting starts, that is the 16th of July at 17:00.



Everyone, who needs an Invitation Letter for the Visa must fill in all of his or her data in the IYPT CC system by the **25th of May 2022**.
Also one must select the option: **Visa Invitation Letter Required**.

Everyone, who does that till the 12th of May, will get the Invitation Letter in the first batch, the rest in the second.


The President of the IYPT, Martin Plesch, decided to support the team Ukraine by reimbursing their registration fee from the President’s Fund.

Money transfers to the IYPT bank account in Post Finance are possible again.
You can transfer registration fees as usual. Please, make your registration fee payments as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.


We are happy to announce that in the first cut, 3900 EUR was allocated for the travel support of Experienced Jurors. Those of you, who have asked for support at a later stage – the Jury Committee will decide on granting the money in the next few days and inform you via e-mail.

This amount is going to be refunded to you after the tournament based on the scans of documents that will confirm your travel costs. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in Romania.


Next deadlines:

30th of April 2022: Registration of Jurors (

30th of April 2022: Payment of registration fees – if you have serious issues with payment on time, please, consult us well in advance.


Pre-registration for the IYPT 2022, as well as submission of problems for the IYPT 2023 is closed.

We have received a total of 260 suggestions for 17 problems from 25 countries. The committee is already working on selecting the best ones, the final selection will be done after the IYPT 2022 in Timisoara.


Due to the situation in Ukraine, the deadline for submitting new problems was prolonged by one week.

Proposals can be submitted by Monday, 7 March 2022 using this form:

Thank you for your contribution.


Are you interested in more information from the President of the IYPT, Martin Plesch?

From now on, you can follow the IYPT and related topics on socials as well.


The registration of a team and visitors is finalized by paying the registration fee. Participation fees for the IYPT 2022 in Timisoara, Romania are as follows:

  • 1700 EUR per each registered team
  • 1300 EUR per each registered visitor


The pre-registration of teams for the IYPT 2022 in Timisoara has been closed. We are happy to announce that there are 25 countries pre-registered for the tournament, as listed below:






Chinese Taipei















South Africa





United Kingdom


Pre-registration of jurors (experienced and possible) including the applications for travel support is open and done via the CC registration system (after setting your active tournament IYPT 2022 in Profile → Tournament) here:
Deadline for pre-registration of jurors is the 15th of March 2022.


We are very happy to announce the start of the pre-registration for the IYPT 2022, which will be held in Romania, Timisoara from 15th and 16th (two arrival days) till 23rd of July, with the IOC meeting continuing till 25th

We will do our best to have the tournament in the usual on-site form and we are not planning to switch online unless it would be completely impossible to have an on-site meeting.

If you wish to participate in the tournament, you can pre-register with your team as usual via the CC registration system:
Please, be sure to pre-register by the end of January 2022.

We are aware of the fact that it is hard to foresee the situation in summer, but we would like to give the LOC a reasonable estimate of the countries present. So if you see a chance to come, please, do pre-register. But if you already now are sure this will not be possible for you, please do not register.


The EC Meeting was held on 28th of November 2021, online via ZOOM. Meeting Minutes can be found here.


IYPT 2022 in Timisoara will be held from 15-16th of July (Arrivals) till 23rd of July (Departures). IOC Meeting will be held after the tournament (IOC Departures: 25th July).

Due to the pandemic situation in Timisoara, the EC meeting will be held online in November 2021.


The 35th IYPT will be held in Timișoara, Romania.


On 19-21 September 2021, the JC meeting was held in Switzerland. The Jury Committee discussed the Jury feedback – distribution of the feedback to the Jurors is expected in the coming days. There were also made minor changes in the current version of the scoresheet, which will also be published soon.