What is IYPT?

The International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT), sometimes referred to as “Physics World Cup”, is a team-oriented scientific competition between secondary school students.

The participants present their solutions to scientific problems they have prepared over several months and then discuss their solutions with other teams. The roles of Reporter (Presentation), Opponent and Reviewers are graded by a jury consisting of international experts.

Current Tournament

Current Tournament

IYPT 2020

The 33rd IYPT will take place in Timișoara, Romania (July 9, 2020 – July 16, 2020).

The IOC meeting will be held from July 16, 2020, until July 18, 2020.

Problems for 33rd IYPT 2020

IYPT 2020 deadlines

  • Jan. 31: submission of problem proposals for IYPT 2021 via submission form (website)
  • Jan. 31: pre-registration for Teams via email to registration@iypt.org
  • March 15: application for Experienced Jurors via IYPT CC
  • April 15: decisions on EJ applications information via email
  • April 30: specify the team leader jurors via IYPT CC
  • May 9: payment for Teams and Visitors via bank transfer – a strict requirement for participation!
  • July 1: submission of all data via IYPT CC

Further information can be found here.

Past Tournaments

Past Tournaments

The 32nd IYPT was held in Warsaw, Poland from July 6th till July 13th. The host of the 32nd IYPT was Warsaw University of Technology.

First place was taken by Singapore followed by Germany and Switzerland in second and third place and China in fourth place.

Problems More about previous tournament



Each year a set of problems is carefully selected by the IOC for the participants to solve.

The problems touch on various areas in physics and often do not have a known solution. It is participant’s job to tackle them and come up with their proposal.

Current set of problems.