Main Documents

1. Regulations of the IYPT

2. Statutes

The IYPT is a legal organization, established in Mulhouse, France. Thus, its official statutes are in French. Nevertheless, since the official language of the IYPT is English, an authoritative translation to English is provided.

3. IOC Meetings

4. EC Meetings

5. Important Decisions

EC Decisions

This page lists important decisions that have been formally taken by the Executive Committee. In particular, any important decisions taken outside the scope of the regular meetings will be documented. Decisions taken during meetings are documented in the respective minutes.

Registration of teams

The treasurer should suggest which visitors and teams are considered registered even though the registration fee is not paid by the deadline and that the president should make the final decision.

Participation of Teams

In order to participate teams have to be present in the host country and must have met with one of the organizers at the time of drawing of lots.

Jury Qualification

Jurors must either have

  • a degree in physics,


  • a degree in physics education and three years of teaching experience in physics at a secondary school level.

This applies to all persons acting as jurors: team leaders who act as jurors and independent jurors.

Live streaming during 5th Physics Fight (PF) and the Final Fight

In order to promote IYPT and the unusual and thrilling format of PFs, it has been agreed on that during PF 5 and the finals all recording, streaming and other form of coverage (including texts or photos) of fights is allowed. Live streaming is only allowed in PF 5 and the finals. By taking part in IYPT, participants agree with all above mentioned forms of coverage for propagation purposes.

Answers to some clarifying questions concerning this binding decision: 

Q: For PFs 1-4, is it allowed to publish immediately after a fight? 
A: Yes.

Q: What about photos or a text tickers in PFs 1-4? 
A: Both are allowed, including immediately publishing.

Q: Can teams be streamed if they agree in PFs 1-4?
A: Life streams are only allowed in PF5 and the final, it does not depend on which team it is or if they agree or not. 
Even if it is your own team.

Q: Can we delay-stream legally taken videos taken in PFs 1-4 later?
A: Yes.

6. Physics fight guidelines

In addition to the tournament regulations, there are also official guidelines for correct behavior and conduct during the tournament. Also, important rules regarding time management, teamwork, jury questions, and grading are listed.

7. Guide on hosting an IYPT

For jurors

1. Chairperson’s responsibilities

2. Scoresheets

Jury members are using following scoresheets for making their grading. The document is available under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) licence to be used and adapted. If doing so, the source of the document and the list of authors (Timotheus Hell, Assen Kyuldiev, Martin Plesch, Natália Ružičková, Eric Schertenleib and Barbora Weszterová) shall be mentioned.

3. Jury committee statements

The Jury Committee would like to emphasize the demand for correct citing of work of others that is used in presentations. It is the responsibility of the team to clearly cite all sources used during the presentation on the respective slide or find another way how to make a clear distinction of own work. Not doing so may result not only in lower grading but potentially also into a disciplinary procedure in cases that shall be considered as plagiarism.

The Jury Committee acknowledges that the role of a reviewer is difficult for both participants and jurors. We once again would like to recommend students focus on key points rather than attempting to list all possibly relevant points (prioritization).


1. About IMOs

An IYPT Member Organization is a legal entity which is officially recognized by the IYPT to represent the IYPT-related interests of a country. In particular, IMOs determine the team and the IOC representative for their country at their discretion. For the selection of the team, an IMO has to set up an appropriate selection procedure which gives all interested students from the respective country a fair chance to compete for a seat in the country’s team.

IMOs gain their status by the vote of the IOC, after a motion of the IMO candidate. If the country in question already has an IOC representative, said representative must approve this motion.

Applications for IMO status can only be made by someone who participated in at least one of 5 most recent IYPTs either as an observer, team member, team leader, or juror. This condition is fulfilled even if the person in question represented a different country at that time. This person must support the application by taking over the position of a team leader of the team selected by the respective IMO.

An IMO loses its right to send an IOC representative after not sending a team to the IYPT in two subsequent years. Furthermore, in this case, other organizations of the country in question may apply for IMO status.

After applying for IMO status, an IMO candidate may nominate a team for the IYPT until the IOC decides their application at the following IOC meeting.

IMO status is usually granted for a period of 5 years, from the moment of approval by the IOC at the IOC meeting until the end of IYPT in the year of expiration. Without re-applying before the start of IOC meeting in the year of expiration, participation at the IOC meeting is not granted.

2. IMO Application Form

Please use the following form in order to file an Application for Recognition as an IYPT Member Organization (IMO) in accordance with Article 7, Section 1 of the Statutes of the International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT).

Please send a copy via email to Secretary General Timotheus Hell and bring the original (with signatures) to an IOC meeting. The email copy should also contain all required signatures.

3. List of current IMOs and IOC members

Country/Local TournamentIMOIOC Member IMO till IYPTApplicationRecognition Letter
AustraliaBrisbane girls grammar schoolAlan Allinson2023AustraliaRLcertificate
AustriaAustrian Young Physicists’ TournamentPaul Worm2022AustriaRLcertificate
BelarusMinistry of Education of the Republic of BelarusIgor Timoshchenko2022BelarusRLcertificate
BrazilAssociação Cultural B8 Projetos EducacionaisMárcio Martino2022BrazilRLcertificate
BulgariaMinistry of Education and ScienceNikola Karavasilev2022BulgariaRL + C
CanadaSTEM FellowshipRyan Hsiao-Tzu Lin2026CanadaRL + C
ChilePontifica Universidad Catolica de ChileMarina Stepanova2023ChileRLcertificate
ChinaNankai UniversityChuanYong Li2022ChinaRLcertificate
Chinese TaipeiTaiwanese Young Physicists’ TournamentYung-Yuan Hsu2026Chinese_TaipeiRL + C
CroatiaIstraživački Centar MladihMagdalena Živković2024CroatiaRL, certificate
Czech RepublicThe Union of Czech Mathematicians and PhysicistsStanislav Panos2022Czech RepublicRLcertificate
GeorgiaGeorgian Young Physicists’ TournamentGiorgi Khomeriki2026GeorgiaRL + C
GermanyGerman Physical SocietyMichael Steck2022GermanyRLcertificate
GreeceHellenic Physical Society (E.E.F.)Apostolos Michaloudis2024GreeceRL, certificate
HungaryELTE UniversityMihály Hömöstrei2022HungaryRLcertificate
IndiaJasudben M.L.SchoolShashikant Chandraprakash Pandey2024IndiaRL, certificate
IranAriaian Young Innovative Minds Institute (AYIMI)
Dina Izadi2022IranRLcertificate
KoreaKorean Young Physicists’ Tournament (KYPT)Young-Gui Yoon2022KoreaRLcertificate
MacaoMacao Young Physicists’ TournamentIat-Neng Chan2022MacaoRL + C
MexicoUniversidad Panamericana Campus AguascalientesLuis Alfonso Guerrero Rodriguez2024MexicoRL, certificate
New ZealandIYPT New Zealand Gavin Jennings 2022 New_Zealand RL, certificate
North MacedoniaPrivate Yahya Kemal CollegeStrugaNeslihan Dursun2024North MacedoniaRL, certificate
PakistanGovernment Associate College Daultala District Rawalpindi, Punjab PakistanFarida Tahir2026PakistanRL + C
PolandPolish Physical SocietyLeszek Gladczuk2022PolandRLcertificate
RomaniaAssociation of Physics Teachers in Higher Education in Romania
Sandu Golcea2026RomaniaRL + C
RussiaUral Federal UniversityOlga Inisheva2022RussiaRLcertificate
SingaporeMinistry of Education SingaporePaul Lee Choon Keat 2026SingaporeRL + C
SlovakiaTurnaj mladých fyzikovFrantišek Kundracik2022SlovakiaRLcertificate
South AfricaParklands College – Secondary FacultyDonovan Clayton Duffield2024South AfricaRL, certificate
SwedenIYPT Sweden Lars Gråsjö 2023Sweden RL, certificate
SwitzerlandPro IYPT-CHEric Schertenleib2022SwitzerlandRLcertificate
ThailandThe Institute for Promotion of Teaching and Science and Technology (IPST)Pornrat Wattanakasiwich2023ThailandRLcertificate
UkraineMunicipal institution “Richelieu Lyceum” OdessaZakhar Maizelis2022UkraineRL + C
United KingdomShrewsbury SchoolJohn Balcombe2023United KingdomRLcertificate
USAUS IYPTElia Eschenazi2023USARLcertificate

(IMOs) IYPT Member Organisations
(IOC) International Organising Committee

List of IMO Applications

Countries with an organization that has applied to become IMO. Either the IOC has not voted on their application yet, the organization has withdrawn their application or the IOC has not voted in favor.

CountryIMORepresentativeApplicationLocal Website
EcuadorFundación Olimpiadas Ecuatorianas de CienciasErick Abraham Lamilla RubioIMO_Application_EC
KazakhstanThe branch of Non-Profit Joint-Stock Company “National
Physics and Mathematics School” in Almaty
Turekhanova KunduzIMO_Kazakhstan

Other Documents

Contact List of potential IMOs

Countries which are planning to send a guest team, have sent a team or a guest team to IYPT recently or have expressed their indent to do so but have not yet applied for IMO status:

CountryContactLocal Website
MalaysiaJasmin Burton Morgan
IndonesiaJong Tan
NetherlandsHans Jordens
SloveniaRok Capuder


IYPT Statutes

Regulations of the IYPT



Position Name Email
Member Qian Sun
Member (LOC 2018) Qi Mi
Member (LOC 2017) Yeo Ye
Member (LOC 2016) Olga Inisheva
Member (LOC 2015) Prapun Manyum
Member (LOC 2014) John Balcombe
President Alan Allinson
Member Georg Hofferek
Member Li Chuan Yong
Member (LOC 2013) Chih-Ta Chia
Member (LOC 2012) Rudolf Lehn
Member (LOC 2011) Dina Izadi
Member (LOC 2010) Timotheus Hell

Rules of Procedure for IOC Meetings

Physics fight guidelines

Previous versions

IYPT & LOC Contracts


Below you can find the minutes of EC and IOC meetings and some additional documents for download.

IOC Meeting hybrid, KutaisiJuly 14, 2021PDF
EC Meeting, TimișoaraNovember 23-24, 2019PDF
IOC Meeting online via ZoomJuly 16, 2020PDF
EC Meeting, Warsaw, PolandNovember 23-25, 2018PDF
IOC Meeting, BeijingJuly 26-27, 2018PDF
EC Meeting, Beijing, ChinaNovember 25-26, 2017PDF
IOC Meeting, SingaporeJuly 12-13, 2017PDFAttachments
EC Meeting, SingaporeNovember 11-13, 2016PDFPDF with AttachmentsContract
IOC Meeting, Ekaterinburg, RussiaJuly 3-4, 2016PDFAttachments
EC Inspection Report, Ekaterinburg, RussiaMay 30-31, 2016PDF
EC Meeting, Ekaterinburg, RussiaNovember 20-22, 2015PDFContract
IOC Meeting, Ayutthaya, ThailandJuly 4-5, 2015PDF
EC Inspection Report, Nakhon Ratchasima, ThailandApril 30th – May 1st, 2015PDF
EC Meeting, Nakhon Ratchasima, ThailandNovember 16-18, 2014PDF
IOC Meeting, Shrewsbury, UKJuly 10-11, 2014PDFAttachments
EC Meeting, Abingdon, UKNovember 22-24, 2013PDF
IOC Meeting, Hualian, TaiwanJuly 31 / August 1, 2013PDFAttachments
EC Meeting, Taipei, TaiwanNovember 10-11, 2012PDF
IOC Meeting, Stuttgart, GermanyJuly 27-28, 2012PDFAttachments
EC Meeting, Bad Saulgau, GermanyOctober 28 – 30, 2011PDF
IOC Meeting, Isfahan, IranJuly 30, 2011PDFAttachments
EC Meeting, Tehran, IranNovember 26-28, 2010PDF
IOC Meeting, Goesing, AustriaJuly 16-17, 2010PDF
EC Meeting, Vienna, AustriaNovember 7, 2009PDF
IOC Meeting, Tianjin, ChinaJuly 28-29, 2009PDF
EC Meeting, Tianjin, ChinaNovember 17-20, 2008PDF
IOC Meeting, Trogir, CroatiaMay 28-29, 2008PDF
IOC Meeting, Trogir, CroatiaMay 22, 2008PDF
EC Meeting, Vienna, AustriaOctober 26-27, 2007PDF
IOC Meeting, Seoul, KoreaJuly 12-13, 2007PDF
IOC Meeting, Seoul, KoreaJuly 6, 2007PDF
EC Meeting, Vienna, AustriaNovember 1-2, 2006PDF
IOC Meeting, Bratislava, SlovakiaJuly 12, 2006PDF
EC Meeting, Bratislava, SlovakiaJuly 10, 2006PDF
EC Meeting, Bratislava, SlovakiaJuly 8, 2006PDF
IOC Meeting, Bratislava, SlovakiaJuly 8, 2006PDF
IOC Meeting, Winterthur, SwitzerlandJuly 21, 2005PDF
IOC Meeting, Winterthur, SwitzerlandJuly 18, 2005PDF
EC Meeting, Winterthur, SwitzerlandJuly 14, 2005PDF
IOC Meeting, Brisbane, AustraliaJuly 1-2, 2004PDF
EC Meeting, Brisbane, AustraliaJune 29, 2004PDF
IOC Meeting, Brisbane, AustraliaJune 25, 2004PDF
IOC Minutes, Modra-Harmonia, SlovakiaOctober 17-18, 2003PDF
IOC Meeting, Uppsala, SwedenJuly 5, 2003PDF
EC Meeting, Uppsala, SwedenJuly 3, 2003PDF
IOC Meeting, Uppsala, SwedenOctober 5, 2002PDF
IOC Meeting, Donaueschingen, GermanyJune 4, 1998PDF
IOC Meeting (*), Moscow, USSRApril 3-5, 1989PDF

(*) The IOC was established as a result of this meeting. A translation can be found in this document on page 91.