IYPT 2018

IYPT 2018

General information

The 31st IYPT was held in Beijing, China from July 19th till July 26th 2018, hosted by the Department of Physics at Renmin University of China. IOC meeting took place from July 26th till July 28th after the tournament. More details in the Declaration of organising IYPT 2018 by the LOC. Problems for IYPT 2018 and the official and signed pdf.

Finals 2018:

  • Germany: 16. Acoustic Levitation
  • Korea: 6. Ring Oiler
  • China: 3. Dancing Coin
  • Singapore: 11. Azimuthal-Radial Pendulum


First place was taken by Singapore followed by China and Korea in second and third place.

Complete results and ranking of teams at IYPT 2018 can be found at cc.iypt.org/iypt2018/rank.

A copy of livestream of the finals is available here.


July 19th: Arrival day

Physics fights:

July 20th: Opening ceremony, PF1
July 21st: PF2
July 22nd: PF3, PF4
July 23rd: PF5
July 25th: Final Fight, Closing ceremony


July 21st, afternoon: Temple of Heaven
July 23rd, afternoon: Tsinghua University
July 24th, whole day: The Great Wall


July 26th: Departure day
July 26th till July 27th IOC meeting:
July 28th Departure day (for IOC meeting attendees):

Version of the IYPT regulations and scoring sheets valid for IYPT 2018 (accepted in Singapore, July 2017) and some new rules decided by the IOC.  New versions of Physics fight and other guidelines for IYPT 2018 have been accepted at the EC meeting that was held in Beijing in November.

Source: LOC