IYPT 2020

IYPT 2020 /update 18.6.2020/

The 33rd IYPT 2020 will be held in Kutaisi, Georgia from September 6th (arrival day) till September 13th (departure day). The host of the 33rd IYPT is The Kutaisi International University (KIU)

The pre-registration of the teams for the IYPT 2020 is open now.

If you plan to send a team to the IYPT 2020, please pre-register via IYPT CC: https://cc.iypt.org/registration/iypt2020ge/team/

Deadline: 10th July 2020

Officil webpage of the Local Organising Committee in Georgia: http://iypt2020.ge/

We have received a bid from Georgia to organize the IYPT 2020 at a later stage during this autumn.

Tentatively we act as the bid of Georgia is accepted. We will start the pre-registration process and call for jurors.

The Problem committee will continue its work and in cooperation with the eligible IOC members will prepare a Candidate set of Problems for 2021.

We will have a virtual IOC meeting on July 16th. At that moment we shall know the number of pre-registered countries, as well as much more about the outbreak situation worldwide. We shall have a confirmation vote about the appointment of Georgia as a host of IYPT 2020. Before that, Georgia will come with a more detailed plan for hosting the tournament.

If the IOC agrees with the bid, hosting will also be granted only conditionally, based on the result of the inspection visit that shall happen latest in August. If this shall not be possible, or the global situation will turn worse, EC will have the right to withdraw the appointment of LOC in Georgia.

If the bid of Georgia is accepted, the Candidate set of Problems will become the final set of problems for 2021. In case Georgia is not accepted, we will have a separate vote on whether to accept the Candidate set, or keep the existing problems.

Total registration fee: 1500 EUR

Total fee per visitor: 1200 EUR

IYPT 2020 deadlines (coming soon)

Pre-registered countries